Governance cloudEU-China Cross Border Governance & Representation

Content and Vision:

We are observing substantial changes to political participation and representation. This is seen on the national, regional and international level. Hardly any of today’s societal challenges can be tackled by individual governments alone. New forms of decision-making and steering processes – often contained with the concept of ‘governance’ – have come into existence.

Research Areas:

This project group welcomes students who develop PhD research proposals investigating today’s governance dynamics and outcomes. A focus can be on how particular policy challenges are addressed (or ‘governed’) in different countries, regions, or at global level, such as:

  • employment
  • migration
  • climate change
  • nationalism
  • security and terrorism
  • gender equality and female representation

Projects may also investigate the diffusion of authority (both towards supranational institutions as well as sub-national groups) from the perspective of democratic representation.

All these themes may be addressed from the perspective of any sub-discipline in political science, such as comparative politics, international relations or political theory. Prospective PhD students therefore have a wide range of possible options in order to formulate their own research question within this field of investigation.