9 May 2017 – 


9 May 2017 is the 60th anniversary celebrating European Integration. To mark the occasion Sichuan University held an EU DAY  event on its Wangjiang Campus.

As in previous years (2015 – Kunming and 2016 – Guizhou), it was organised by the BACES Sichuan University Office.

About 100 students and faculty representatives from different schools from Sichuan University, including the natural sciences and social sciences,  as well as from local government sectors, attended this open lecture.

Jean Monnet Chair Professor and Director of the Centre for European Studies at Sichuan University, Prof. Dr. Jian SHI gave a presentation.

Ms. Dong TU and Dr. Tianqin YAN, a young researcher of the Centre, gave their lectures on the “History of European Integration and the Perspective of its Future”.

Their talks were related to the current problems regarding European Integration and also the challenges for further EU developments.

Audiences were very interested in the topics and the discussion, and asked several questions related to the current situation as well as the election in France.