Announcement: international conference on BRICS and Global Governance on 8 September 2017 at Egmont Palace

7 July 2017 -  International Conference on BRICS and Global Governance, 8 September 2017 at Egmont Palace. An international conference will take place at the Egmont Palace in Brussels on 8 September 2017. The conference is organised by BACES, the Egmont Institute, Confucius Institute at VUB and the Embassies from 5 BRICS countries (i.e., Brazil, Russia, India, [...]

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Joint PhD awarded to Yating Zhao by Renmin University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Double PhD degree for Yating Zhao (RUC-VUB) Following a PhD contract between Renmin University of China (RUC) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Yating Zhao submitted her dissertation, and both universities are happy to announce that on the 15 May 2017, Yating Zhao successfully defended her PhD at Renmin University. Her public defense was preceded by an equally [...]

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EU Day At Sichuan University

9 May 2017 -  EU DAY AT SICHUAN UNIVERSITY 9 May 2017 is the 60th anniversary celebrating European Integration. To mark the occasion Sichuan University held an EU DAY  event on its Wangjiang Campus. As in previous years (2015 - Kunming and 2016 - Guizhou), it was organised by the BACES Sichuan University Office. About [...]

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Brexit: The End of the Sino-British “Golden Era”?

15 May 2017     On 29 March the United Kingdom officially notified the European Union that it is leaving the EU. On the one hand the UK starts the tough negotiations with the EU, and on the other hand it starts to think of relationships with other major powers, with its future status as a [...]

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The Taiwan Issue and EU-China Relations

4 May 2017   Taiwan is a sensitive issue in Chinese foreign policy. The One China Policy is one of the foundations for all major powers in the world to manage relationships with China. The Trump Administration in the United States reconfirmed its position just recently. The European Union always adhered to the One China [...]

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Panel Discussion: “Public Diplomacy – the Chinese and EU Approaches”

3 May 2017       The EU-Asia Centre, together with the Confucius Institute of the VUB and the Brussels Academy for China and European Studies (BACES), invite you to a panel discussion on ‘Public Diplomacy – the Chinese and EU Approaches’ on 3 May. China’s increasing importance on the global stage coincides with its [...]

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Three new projects get the go-ahead under the BACES umbrella

24 March 2017 -  Three new projects got the go-ahead for implementation by the BACES Board. The three projects have different formats and different start dates, but one will start in March 2017 and all three will run in 2017. Project 1: The Role of Normative Power in EU Foreign Policy and Its Implication for [...]

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Informal discussion on new EU policy paper on China

29 June 2016 The European Commission and European External Action Service released their Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council on Elements for a new strategy on China on 22 June 2016 in Brussels. On 29 June 2016, BACES organised an informal discussion on the EU paper at the VUB. It is the first reflection [...]

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BACES – VUB Workshop: The Chinese approach to public diplomacy – a clash of ideas?

Wednesday, 4 May, 2016 China’s assertion that it can rise peacefully is at times contested in the Western political- and scholarly community. China’s increasing importance on the global stage coincides with its efforts to project and spread Chinese norms and values around the globe.  Based on its international economic and political momentum, China has [...]

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